SPiMC - 10 Years of Great Adventures

In 1999, SPi embarked on it's journey to promoting work-life balance. The first club to be recognized was the Mountaineering Club headed by then Journals employee, Mr. Danilo Macayan. 11 years later, numerous adventures have been enjoyed by so many mountaineers and non-mountaineers alike. The club is not only for experiencing the wild outdoors but for nature appreciation, cultural understanding, and Philippine exploration, with various advocacies set on a yearly basis.
So many places in the Philippines have yet to be discovered and so many others who do not know of the many wonders of the 7,107 islands of the great Philippines. The club aims to develop physical fitness, love for the outdoors, and appreciation and preservation of nature through numerous adventures, such as various water sports, mountain climbing,
beacheeniring., tree planting, river clean-up.

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