Someone once said that "there is nothing to fear but fear itself."
I climbed up an almost 90-degree wall and couldn't look down. Going up is not a problem. Going down is! Upon reaching the top, I went straight to the center of the peak. There was about a meter space between me and the edge. It was a windy place. My second time there. My heart was pounding so hard. My fear of heights started to ruin the fun for others. I was constantly reminding people to stop going to the edge to have their pictures taken. But my reminders fell on deaf ears. It was their second time in 24 hours to be up that spot. The day before, they already summitted the rockies.
Back in the office, I looked at the pictures and couldn't help feel a tinge of envy. Most had pictures of themselves in dangerous but utterly beautiful spots, the setting sun behind them with the dark waters of Laguna Lake down below. The pictures were truly amazing! But alas, I was not brave enough to have my pictures taken in those spots. The best I could muster was go down the other edge halfway.
It is truly weird for a mountaineer to be afraid of heights, but that is the reality for me! :( I am slowly getting over it. I believe I have gone a long way but there is much to see beyond the middle of the peak. There is much to appreciate at the edge of the summit!

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