The weather was great, not too sunny, but it did not seem like it would rain. We left Manila quite late but the travel was smooth and quick. We were at the Evercrest Golf Course before 12nn. We ate lunch, stretched a bit then started our trip up the cool Mt. Batulao. We had a few kids helping us out as we gradually ascended the slopes of Batulao.

A few minutes into the climb, I got into an accident. I was walking a bit fast and tripped on a big rock. It did not move, held it's ground and instead, pulled me down to the ground. My whole body crashed and my right knee hit another rock. Blood started to form on my skin as my knee began to swell. This all happened as two horses walked behind me. Fearing they would walk over me, I, with some help, moved to the side of the path under the hot sun. My knee started to swell out of proportion. First aid was given, but I refused to let this stop me. I climbed still all the way up to the camp site. Though it took us a lot longer than planned, I still got to the camp site.

The rest of the climbers went up the peak as I stayed at camp, cooking and preparing for the climbers arrival. Good thing this wasn't my first time at Batulao. I had already reached the peak before. Being left behind wasn't a big deal to me. The next day, the bigger task of descending faced me. My knee had swelled a bit more and my wound was beginning to water. The bandage was sticking to my skin, making it really hard and painful to change. A few minutes into the descent, I agreed to ride a horse instead. Our porters' father had a horse who patiently brought me down the sometime steep slope. My fear level was beyond 100% while up behind the horse's back. The sometimes steep slopes made me hold tighter and pray harder.

We all thought it was a perfect climb until that very moment.  It still was a perfect climb... As my emergency physician has said, "just PRICE it...Protect, Rest, ICE.. and you'll be back to climbing in 2 weeks. Just take it slow."

For two days I was scared of going to the hospital, fearing what I would be told. But as with all things, prayer helps... Before climbing, make it a habit to ask Him for protection.

As with all experiences, lesson learned.

5/31/2009 04:02:57 am

Wow!!! what was the lesson?

5/31/2009 04:21:14 pm

Not to be in a hurry...walk at your own pace and always to look at where you are going...always!


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