A lot of votes have come in and we are considering all the scenarios.

We are limiting the choices to a few so that we can choose better. General details of the activities are given for more information. Please vote for the activity that you will most likely be able to attend given the span of time, cost, and your physical capacities. Those who have voted earlier, please vote again.

Final votes must be in before the end of the week (October 16, 12mn). Send in your votes to spimc1999@yahoo.com.

Each climb will be linked to a charitable activity (much like the Mt. Pulag Educational Assistance Project).

Should you have other suggestions that can make our celebration more memorable, please inform us.



  1. Bicol – Mt. Asog and Lake Buhi (November 27 to 29 or 30) – Php 2,600 – 2,800 budget – all camping – Mt. Asog is a minor 4 to 5-hour climb and Lake Buhi is home to one of the smallest fish in the world
  2. Bicol – Mt. Asog and Caramoan Peninsula Island Hopping – November 27-30 – Php 3,500 to 3,700 budget – all camping – Mt. Asog is a minor 4 to 5-hour climb and the Caramoan Peninsula is fast becoming a tourist destination like the Hundred Islands
  3. Zambales – Mt. Cinco Picos (with beach side trip) – November 27-29 or 28-30 – Php1,500 budget (This was the original site of the November activity) – A climb that can bring the hiker to multiple peaks in one trek with a nice side trip to a local beach resort.
  4. Batanggas – Manila-Batulao Extreme Adventures – November 28-29 or 29-30 - Php 1,000 budget (including race fund, materials, prizes, etc. This will take each group of 4 across 4 activity sites from Luneta to Batulao with cash prizes for the winning teams. Those who do not want to join the race may go up Mt. Batulao ahead of the others.)

10th Year Anniversary

Hi, Mountaineers and Friends,  

In 1997, several friends who were avid hikers became a mountaineering group. Most of them were from Saztech Philippines, Inc. Back then, the company did not have any formal club. A step towards a full work-life balance program came 2 years later with Mr. Danilo Macayan of the Journals group processed the accreditation of the group as the first interest club in SPI. It became known as SPI Mountaineering Club. The club's charter was established, leaders were put into place, and investments on equipment were made. 

10 years later, after numerous activities and hundreds of adventurists, the club is still as strong as it was or even stronger than when it started . So many new employees have taken environmental consciousness as their own advocacy while others have taken the adventures as a way to destress from work. Mountaineers from other groups have also joined in and shared their expertise, time, and resources with the club. 
Indeed, much has been achieved in 10 years.  

Some can no longer remember the activities so I ask for those who have joined SPi MC's activities from 1997-2007 to share with us their pictures and stories. Please email them to spimc1999@yahoo.com. They will be posted in our website, www.spimc1999.weebly.com.
Also, as we celebrate and look forward to the next decade, I ask for your suggestions on how we can commemorate this momentous occasion. What activity should we have and when would you like to have it? It does not have to be in a far off place or span more than 2 days.  

Open dates are:
September 19-20
October 31-November 2
December 24-27
December 30-January 1  

Thank you and please pass send this letter to our SPiMC friends who do not have access to this site especially to those who are part of Batch Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo.  

Batch Foxtrot, Please prepare to assist in this celebration.

Thank you!
Maria Pilar R. Manzano
Current President
SPi Mountaineering Club